Giggles "N' Grins Hours of Operation

Open: 6:30 AM - Close: 6:30 PM

We will help your child gain new skills to prepare them for preschool learning.

childrens in art class Welcome to the wonderful world of Two’s & Early Preschool Care. We would be thrilled to have your child in our program. Children are a treasure to be safe guarded and nurtured, and we at Giggles “N’ Grins Preschool & Early Education Center take the privilege of caring for your child very seriously.

Our Early Learning Program for Two’s and Early Preschool instills confidence, self-esteem and a love for learning through age-appropriate curricula. By nurturing innate curiosity in a loving and supportive atmosphere specifically designed to meet the unique demands of your toddler, we can assure meaningful growth that builds great minds and healthy attitudes. Research based activities create balance between nurturing and learning build age-appropriate foundations that minimize frustration and disruptive behavior. When children spend time exploring and discovering subjects of unique interest to them, they develop a deeper focus, while gaining a greater awareness of the world around them.