Giggles "N' Grins Hours of Operation

Open: 6:30 AM - Close: 6:30 PM

Learning should extend beyond the four corners of the classroom.

young school age child painting with her hands in classWelcome to the wonderful world of Before & After School Care. We would be thrilled to have your child in our program. Children are a treasure to be safe-guarded and nurtured, and we at Giggles “N’ Grins Preschool & Early Education Center take the privilege of caring for your child very seriously. We dedicate ourselves to providing outstanding educational programs as well as a relaxing atmosphere for homework and socialization.

School-agers have the freedom to choose activities suitable to their interest and abilities. The program is designed to ensure that children stay interested, have fun and are continually challenged, regardless of their age. This program offers children games and equipment like computers, video games, basketball, arts/craft and cooking to name a few. Teachers provide encouragement as children work alone or in groups on theme-based projects designed for school-age needs, and developmental levels.